bitcoin is defined as a virtual currency

bitcoin is defined as a virtual currency

Bitcoin is a term that we have heard frequently for more than 10 years. However, it still raises many questions about what it is. When we talk about bitcoin, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is a form of money on the internet that constantly increases in value. And that its use is becoming more frequent as a currency of exchange.

But what is bitcoin really, and how does it work? Is it safe to invest in this type of virtual currency? Is it true that you can make money legally with cryptocurrencies? If you are looking for the answers to these questions, we recommend reading this post to the end. We will try to explain in detail everything you need to know about this cryptocurrency.

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is defined as a virtual currency generated on the internet and decentralized. That is, it does not depend on any central issuing institution like traditional currency. And, it is independent of governments, banks and any other type of institution that may mediate in its exchange. Hence, it is not limited to any border and can be used by everyone and shipped anywhere in the world.
However, before we can buy a Bitcoin, we need to have a wallet to store these digital currencies.

There are various options, but the main ones can come down to an online wallet, a hot wallet, and a software wallet called a cold wallet. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

On the one hand, we can see that online wallets are susceptible to hacking by cybercriminals, being able to compromise our funds at any time, but these wallets allow us to access our funds from anywhere we are.

On the other hand, hardware wallets are much more difficult to hack, and this means that our funds are more secure within these wallets. However, if this hardware is damaged or lost, we will lose all the funds stored there.

There are also mobile wallets, which are very simplified and are very convenient for users who do not know much about Blockchain technology but still want to use cryptocurrencies;

And of course, we can also get Bitcoin if we participate as miners within their Blockchain network. However, it must be said that to participate as a miner at this time, we need a lot of computing power, and this implies that we need specialized computers for this. These machines are somewhat expensive and consume a considerable amount of energy resources, which means that Bitcoin mining is not available to everyone.

In today’s guarded world, freedom is presented as an invaluable asset. We cannot say that we are free from the controls and surveillance of government authorities if we have hundreds of taxes and limitations to use our money freely.

Bitcoin is not tied to these controls and offers us freedom that no other asset can. In addition to using our money freely, with Bitcoin, we are not controlled by the restrictive monetary policies issued by the States, nor should we worry about inflation or interest rates generated by government entities. In Bitcoin, only the market rules.

In addition, our identity and personal information are kept secure in these spaces since we do not need to reveal any type of information to use Bitcoin within its Blockchain network. We will have to do with our personal information to go through an identity verification process required by exchanges and different portals where Bitcoin is bought-sold for FIAT currency.
Transparent and neutral

Every transaction within the Bitcoin Blockchain and every bit of information about it is always available to everyone on the Blockchain, which can be verified and used in real-time. The BTC protocol is encrypted, which means that no human or organization can control or manipulate it at will. The network is decentralized, so no one can ever have full control over it. All of this implies that Bitcoin will always remain neutral, transparent and predictable.
It cannot be faked

One of the most popular forms of counterfeiting in the digital world is using the same money twice, making both transactions fraudulent. It’s called ‘double spending.’ To counter this, Bitcoin, like most other cryptocurrencies, uses Blockchain technology and the various consensus mechanisms built into all BTC algorithms. What are Cryptocurrencies?

They are a digital payment method made possible by a technology called Blockchain or “blockchain technology.”
How do they work?

In the world of crypto, there is no central bank mediation as in traditional currencies. Being a decentralized system, they have caused a lot of controversies, among other things, because, in theory, a virtual currency should not be considered a stock. But if there are no central banks, how is the value of these currencies determined ?: with the “market capitalization,” an index that multiplies the number of virtual currencies by their market price to determine the “capital “of said currency. This mechanism is somewhat similar to the one used in the stock market. Learn how cryptocurrencies work today with the content available on the edX platform. Some of the tools used to manage a digital currency, such as bitcoin, are the electronic cash system “bitcoin cash,” the exchange platforms or “trading platforms” of cryptocurrencies coinbase, Bittrex, binance, among many others.
What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin (BTC) is the first cryptocurrency = or virtual currency that was created. Its creation is still unclear, but in most cases, it is attributed to a man named Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. The popularity of digital currency has expanded in the last decade. However, there are hundreds of virtual currencies and new bitcoins, the most popular of which are: litecoin, dogecoin, ethereum and ripple. The price of bitcoin is as variable as the new purchase transactions that are made daily. According to, it is estimated that there are approximately 7 million bitcoin users in the world.

Explore the potential that bitcoin has for you

Explore this new facet of the financial system with the study of this electronic currency and explore the technology behind bitcoin transactions, from the point of view of a financial expert or from the point of view of the developers who make their technology. Possible. To fully understand the subject, we recommend taking courses on complex databases, blockchain technology, and cryptography principles. The bitcoin system is complex. However, this new currency and its predecessors can tell us a lot about the future that technology has in payment systems and cybersecurity issues and applications in other related sciences. Start learning about bitcoin with a free online course.

Jobs in which knowledge about Cryptocurrencies is required

The demand for expert professionals in this subject has grown exponentially, with the different nuances and skills required for their development. Developing your experience in the world of cryptocurrencies can significantly improve your CV. An expert in this area can work in many types of organizations, from banking to online retail, especially now that this type of currency is changing how we relate to money and virtual purchases.


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